Liquidia Technologies, Inc.

P.O. Box 110085,Research Triangle Park
NC, 27709
United States
PH: +01 (919) 991-0835
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Company Background

Liquidia utilizes a proprietary platform technology to design, develop, and manufacture precisely engineered nanoparticles and patterned films for high-value applications in Engineered Drug Therapies™ and Optical Films. The PRINT™ (Pattern Replication In Non-wetting Templates) platform is a breakthrough method that utilizes technologies adapted from the microelectronics industry for the fabrication of engineered shape and size-specific nanomaterials. This platform, enabled by Liquidia's proprietary Fluorocur™ materials, allows Liquidia to address unmet market needs through precise design and commercial-scale manufacturing of micro- and nano-structured materials, including discrete particles, arrays of particles and patterned films.