Surface Measurement Systems Limited

Surface Measurement Systems Limited
5 Wharfside, Rosemont Road
Middlesex, HA0 4PE
United Kingdom
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Primary Activity

Physico-Chemical Characterisation Equipment

Company Background

Surface Measurement Systems Ltd develops and engineers innovative experimental techniques and instrumentation for physico-chemical characterization of complex solids.

“World leaders in sorption science and pioneers of the now widely used Dynamic Vapor Sorption technique”

Surface Measurement Systems Ltd is an expert in dynamic vapor sorption and inverse gas chromatography technology instrumentation and solutions, providing professional world-class scientific and technical support for international customers.

By carefully controlling, measuring and analysing the physicochemical interaction of vapours with solid samples such as powders, fibres and films, Surface Measurement Systems Ltd can help solve problems in research and development, such as stability studies and drying performance, through to manufacturing and quality control.


Product Range

Dynamic Vapor Sorption Instruments (DVS)

Our range of DVS instruments measure uptake and loss of moisture and organic vapours by a sample, allowing sorption behaviour to be accurately determined.

Surface Energy Analyser (iGC-SEA)

Our SEA is unique and allows characterizing surface and bulk properties of powders, particulates, fibers, films and semi-solids using a fully automated inverse gas chromatography principle.

Humidity generators & Microscopy cell

The GenRH series is a new family of portable humidity generator products. It provides ideal add-ons to many standard analytical characterization techniques, mechanical testing, conditioning and stability studies.


Scientific Expertise

  • Over 20 years of experience and continuous success
  • Application science team and product experts providing direct support to our customers
  • Team of service engineers always available to assist our customers

We have over 90 years combined scientific experience gained in areas including pharmaceuticals, foods, flavours and fragrances, polymers, fine chemicals, inorganic and porous materials. Our scientific expertise is our strength. Surface Measurement Systems Ltd is involved in practical R&D and works closely with private companies as well as academic institutions, allowing us to advise our customers not only on practical but also theoretical aspects of their work.



Support and learning Centre

As part of our service, our customers enjoy full access to our internal research materials with over 100 application notes and case studies across different industries.

Territories Serviced

Offices in North America and UK with representatives all over the world