Vorbeck Materials

Vorbeck Materials
8306 Patuxent Range Road
MD, 20794
United States
PH: +1 (301) 497 9000
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer
Conductive graphene inks

Company Background

Realizing graphene's potential — Graphene is one of the strongest, most thermally and electrically conductive materials known. Vorbeck Material is making this promising material a reality with its Vor-x® graphene formulations and composites.

Vorbeck develops Vor-x® products to meet real-world industrial challenges. Vor-ink™ formulations harness the exceptional conductivity of graphene: ultra-flexible and robust inks and coatings for the printed electronics market. In energy applications, Vor-x® delivers demonstrable performance gains by breaking traditional technology trade-offs between battery capacity and power output. Plastic and rubber composites with low Vor-x® loadings attain extreme levels of strength, dimensional stability, conductivity, and environmental resistance, opening new application and design possibilities.

Vor-x®, Vorbeck's proprietary graphene material, was developed in the Chemical Engineering Laboratories of Princeton University by Dr. Ilhan A. Aksay, Dr. Robert K. Prud'homme, and their coworkers. The Princeton team's pioneering work enables large-scale production of graphene. Vorbeck owns an exclusive license on the patented Princeton University graphene technology. Dr. Aksay serves an advisor to Vorbeck and on the Vorbeck Board of Directors.