Integrated Nano-Technologies

999 Lehigh Station Rd
NY, 14467
United States
PH: 1 (585) 3340170
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Company Background

Integrated Nano-Technologies, LLC was founded on the idea that the fusion of molecular biology, chemistry and microelectronics holds the potential for revolutionary technical advances. Through the confluence of these disciplines INT is able to create self assembled nanoscaled circuits. A simple on/off circuit forms the basis for the first product, a novel biosensor capable of detecting single molecules of a target substance. This sensor can be deployed in a variety of devices for use in biosecurity, clinical diagnostics, food safety and tracking systems. Development of this platform (BioDetect) is in the testing phase and INT is following an aggressive path toward product availability. INT also possesses a proprietary biochemical lithography process that allows for the creation of nanoelectronic components. These components can be self assembled to create low cost simple circuits which can be incorporated into RFID's, medical devices and other devices such as imaging arrays. Strategic partnerships are currently being developed to commercialize this technology.