Micronisers Pty Ltd

6-8 England Street
Victoria, 3175
PH: +61 (3) 9768 3277
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Company Background

Founded in 1987, Micronisers Pty Ltd has developed patented nanomaterials, encapsulation, coating and milling technologies. Micronisers’ worked closely with the CSIRO to develop its technologies and maintain a close relationship to create new product lines for the pharmaceuticals, textiles, cosmetics and construction industries.

Micronisers manufactures ultra fine zinc additives for sunscreens and other personal care products that have captured 60% of the Australian nanophase sunscreen additive market, through its patented Nanosun™ and Sunsorb™ products.

Micronisers nanosize talc powders offer enhanced skin feel and emulsion stability, improved viscosity and moisturising properties.

Other transparent zinc-based products in the Micronisers range are Microsun™ and Nanocryl™. Nano-sized zinc based compounds are incorporated into clear varnishes to provide long-lasting UV protection for timbers and outdoor applications. The company has also had success incorporating its products into plastics, such as PET bottles and polycarbonates for sun roofs, and is testing it in Colourbond steel products. Further applications exist in the textiles industry, where Nanocryl™ provides significantly enhanced colour-fastness to fabric and textiles that are exposed to UV and periodic cleaning. Applications include window dressings, flags and banners, outdoor apparel, furnishings and upholstery.


Nanoparticles, Coatings, Cosmetics, Manufacturing