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Dectris MYTHEN Microstrip X-Ray Detectors

MYTHEN X-ray detector systems available from Dectris have redefined data acquisition at synchrotron beamlines and laboratory X-ray sources. The systems feature a microstrip solid-state detector that integrates a segmented one-dimensional silicon sensor with a CMOS-based ASIC readout electronic, linked by advanced high-density wire bonding technology.

The MYTHEN systems offer excellent data quality, rapid data acquisition and simple, maintenance-free operation. Fast data acquisition is achieved by advanced CMOS readout electronics; excellent data quality is facilitated through exclusive features, such a high dynamic range with a counter depth of 24 bits (~16.8 million counts), the absence of dark current and readout noise and a sharp line-spread function.

Simple integration and maintenance-free operation via three different interface options make it easy to use the Dectris MYTHEN detector systems.

Key Features

The main features of the MYTHEN Microstrip X-ray detectors are:

  • High modularity
  • Radiation-tolerant design
  • Shutterless operation
  • Fluorescence suppression
  • High dynamic range
  • High local and global count rates
  • Optimal signal-to-noise ratio
  • Electronic gating and external trigger
  • Short readout times and high profile rates
  • Excellent point-spread function
  • Multitude of applications
  • Maintenance-free operation
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