FX-Nano Particle Counting and Sizing Technology

Research efforts in nanotechnology over recent years have focused on easy-to-use tools for characterizing nanoparticles. There are several well-known techniques in the area of particle sizing for evaluating particle size distributions of nano-dispersions, but only few of them can offer quantitative information from 0.1 to 1 microns.

Particle Sizing Systems’ new FX-Nano technology uses SPOS technology for detecting single-particle and sizing. This technology is based on a novel approach that utilizes a focused laser beam to get a more intensely-illuminated and much smaller view volume.

Key Features

The features of the FX-Nano technology are:

  • Can count and size particles as small as 150 nanometers.
  • Requires little or no dilution for most protein suspensions of interest.
  • Operates at much higher particle concentrations – above 1,000,000/mL.
  • Uses SPOS technology to quantify oversized particles, allowing manufacturers to enhance products as varied as IV emulsions and microprocessors.
  • Characterizes much smaller nanoparticles, leading to the introduction of new and better protein drugs and therapies.
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