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Helium Ion Beam microscopes (HIBM) are analogous to scanning electron micropscopes (SEM), but use a helium ion in place of an electron beam to image the samples. The main advantage is that features less than a nanomater can be reasolved with improved clarity due to the shorter wavelength of the helium ions. They also create less damage to samples compared to other ion beams due to their lower atomic massand are able to provide topgraphic, material, crystallographic and electrical information.
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The world of microscopy just changed. The Carl Zeiss SMT ORION® PLUS Helium-ion-microscope just broke the world record for resolution. The ORION® PLUS microscope now delivers TEM-like resolution, on bulk samples, with SEM-like ease-of-use. This breakthrough in resolution truly puts the ORION® PLUS in a class of its own, providing an opportunity to see things you've never before seen.