Nanocyl Showcases PLASTICYL PEEK 1001 and Carbon Nanotube Technologies for Composites at Nano Tech 2010

Nanocyl announced today it will showcase its new PLASTICYL PEEK 1001 thermoplastic concentrate, and its range of carbon nanotube technologies for composites at Nano Tech 2010, from February 17-19, in Tokyo, Japan. Nanocyl will be located at booth B-28.

"Carbon nanotubes can help OEMs meet their driving need today–designing and producing new applications that perform brilliantly, save energy, and cost less," stated Roberto Mongiovi, Nanocyl’s Sales and Marketing Manager-Electrical Conductivity.

PLASTICYL PEEK 1001, a ready-to-ship CNT, is developed for high-end electronics applications. Other high-temperature polymers, such as PEI and PES, are also available on demand.

"Conductive plastic applications require a greater level of electrical conductivity, ESD protection and cleanliness," Mongiovi said. "Our new PLASTICYL PEEK 1001 master-batch is clean, cost-competitive, and eliminates the waste and inefficiencies of carbon black and carbon fibers."

PLASTICYL offers OEMs key advantages when used in advanced PEEK compounds, according to Michael Claes, Technical Service Associate Director.

"PLASTICYL PEEK 1001 integrates carbon nanotubes uniformly in thermoplastic compounds," he said. "You can produce more durable products that have greater resistance to chemicals, abrasion and heat."

"These properties can help OEMs design and produce lighter-weight, non-metallic parts that are recyclable, and perform better throughout the supply chain," he added. "In doing so, you can reduce emissions, energy usage, and total costs."

EPOCYL, SIZCYL and PREGCYL are Nanocyl’s high-performance epoxy resins, sizing agents and pre-preg materials designed for improving the durability, reliability and conductivity of composite materials used in demanding automotive, sports, marine and aerospace applications.

"By improving the mechanical and ESD/electrical properties in composite materials, Nanocyl’s CNTs help finished products have sustained performance, longer life spans, and lower maintenance and replacement costs," Claes said.

Nanocyl S.A., established in 2002, is a leading global manufacturer of specialty and industrial carbon nanotubes. Nanocyl is headquartered in Belgium, and has a division in the U.S. and is opening Nanocyl Korea. The Asia-Pacific market is covered through a network of partners in South Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and China. Nanocyl’s products fully meet the requirements of clients active in producing synthetic materials and manufacturing equipment for the automotive and electronic industries. As a worldwide leader in the production of carbon nanotubes, Nanocyl is focused on providing complete and value-added solutions to its customers.

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