CeNS, Center for NanoScience

Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
München, 80539
PH: 49 (89) 2180 5791
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

CeNS, the Center for NanoScience at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, was founded to invest in this future. CeNS aims at interdisciplinary research on objects artificially tailored on the nanometer scale - new tools to support a future nanotechnology. Furthermore, it offers a wide educational program. The University of Munich with its large science base offers ideal conditions for such research activities. The synergetic interaction between different departments makes up CeNS: the emergence into the Nanoworld.

CeNS was initiated and established in 1998 by one theoretical and five experimental groups at the Department of Physics at the LMU and formally started its activities in the beginning of 1999. The expertise of the founding members covers the areas of:

  • photonics and optoelectronics (Prof. Jochen Feldmann)
  • biophysics on the nanometer scale (Prof. Hermann Gaub)
  • scanning probe analysis and nano-optics (Prof. Khaled Karrai)
  • nanometer semiconductor physics and devices (Prof. Jörg P. Kotthaus)
  • Institute for experimental physics biophysics and soft condensed matter physics (Prof. Joachim Rädler)

CeNS currently combines the activities of almost 200 highly motivated researchers and shares access to a manifold of scientific expertise and facilities.