MEMS Consulting Matthias Schuenemann

Louisenstra├če 33
D-01099 Dresden
PH: 49 (700) MEMSPACK
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

MEMS Consulting Matthias Schuenemann was founded in 2001. It is based in Dresden, Germany, and in Melbourne, Australia.

MEMS Consulting Matthias Schuenemann specializes in market, product and technology consulting for microminiaturized devices and systems.

Microminiaturized systems (called MEMS in North America, microsystems in Europe, and micromachines in Japan) are smart miniaturized devices comprising sensor, actuator, signal processing and/or communication functions, combining two ore more of electrical, optical, mechanical or other properties, are based on semiconductor as well as non-semiconductor materials and are manufactured monolithically or hybrid by a broad range of microtechnologies.

Matthias Schuenemann has been involved in MEMS / microsystems research, development, prototyping, production and commercialization for thirteen years. He draws upon a pool of experts in different fields, participating in project work on contract basis.

The market focus of MEMS Consulting Matthias Schuenemann is directed to automotive industry, biotechnology, information technology, medical technology and mechanical engineering/automation.

The technology focus of MEMS Consulting Matthias Schuenemann is directed to MEMS packaging and interfaces and to industrial MEMS and microsytems production.