micro resist technology GmbH

Köpenicker Str. 325
D-12555 Berlin
PH: 49 (30) 65 76 21 92
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

micro resist technology was founded in 1993 by scientists and engineers with many years of experience in basic research and industrial application in the field of photochemistry, and the development and production of semiconductor technologies for optoelektronics, electonics, devices and storage circuits.

micro resist technology develops and produces special photoresists suitable for microelectronics and micromachining / microelectromechanical systems as well as for large area patterning and electoplating processes. Special care is taken of the strict requirements of micromachining and environmental impact in both manufacturing and application of the products.

Our success is based on continuous product development starting with basic components and the implementation of recent innovations. Our experience and close co-operation with scientific partners are the basis of our success. We can rely on the expertise and experience of our employees.