microdrop GmbH

Muehlenweg 143
D-22844 Norderstedt
PH: 49 (40) 535383 0
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

microdrop Technologies is the leading provider of equipment, software, inks and services for advanced microdispensing and inkjet printing applications.

Our team of scientists, engineers and technicians has more than 15 years experience in inkjet-technology and micro-fluidics. We focus on high quality products and services for industrial applications as well as for R&D purposes. Our products range from single dispenser systems up to sophisticated Autodrop Platforms (including glove box and production systems).

We provide our customers with a number of services like training, dispensing tests, prototyping and customized solutions. Microdrop Technologies is significantly involved in several R&D projects, which are concerned with material deposition and inkjet printing, in cooperation with industrial partners or by public funding (EU, BMBF, DPI, etc.).