NeoPhotonics Corp.

2911 Zanker Road
San Jose
CA, 95134
United States
PH: 1 (408) 232 9200
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

NeoPhotonics Corporation is a leading developer and vertically integrated manufacturer of advanced integrated optical modules and subsystems designed to improve the performance and lower the costs associated with backbone and access optical networks. They are at the forefront of the long sought-after integration of active semiconductor, passive PLC and MEMS multi-dimensional switching functions into a single product. This integration is enabled by state-of-the-art integration, nanomaterials and nanoscale design and fabrication technologies. Backed by leading venture capital firms and institutional investors, NeoPhotonics maintains headquarters in San Jose, California and ISO 9001:2000 certified engineering and manufacturing facilities in Silicon Valley and Shenzhen, China.