Altimate EnviroCare Services Pte. Ltd.

27, Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim
Singapore, 629147
PH: 65 (6266) 3378
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Based out of Singapore, Altimate EnviroCare Services Pte Ltd is a company that specialises in the protection of both indoor as well as outdoor environments whilst utilising products that are not only environmental friendly but are safe; hence our health as well as the ones closest to us are never compromised.

The various uses of Titanium Dioxide (Ti02) Products; and other non-carcinogens / hazardous Products for the purpose of destroying Micro-Organisms / microbial ie. Bacteria, Fungi, Mould, Spores, Viruses, Stain Resistant (self cleaning) and Organic Odour (deodorising) et cetera semi-permanently, is the Company's products' core business. Recycling of materials and wastes will be the next focus on the company's agenda.