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Ohio, 43624
United States
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Primary Activity

Service Provider

Company Background

MMD serves the MEMS market as a contract manufacturer, or foundry, of customer-specific MEMS devices, a business model readily embraced in other electronics markets such as semiconductors and electronic systems. By design, MMD offers no branded products of its own in order to focus entirely on the manufacturing needs of its MEMS customers.

MMD offers a wide range of device foundry services to this fast-growing MEMS market. MMD’s key initial service offerings include manufacturing for moderate to high volume MEMS customers (a few thousand to a few million units per year) and process/product development for new customer applications. MMD also supports packaging operations such as die attach and wire bonding. Finally, MMD partners with various MEMS design groups so that it can support a customer’s entire spectrum of potential needs, from MEMS concept and design through to volume production.

Sales Contact

Mr Dennis Perna
VP Finance & Administration