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Agilent Technologies - Nanotechnology Measurements

4330 W. Chandler Blvd
Arizona, 85226
United States
PH: 1 (480) 7565900
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Nanotechnology Measurement Solutions

Company Background

Agilent Technologies nanotechnology instruments let you image, manipulate, and characterize a wide variety of nanoscale behaviors—electrical, chemical, biological, molecular, and atomic. Our growing collection of nanotechnology instruments, accessories, software, services and consumables can reveal clues you need to understand the nanoscale world.

Agilent Technologies offers a wide range of high-precision atomic force microscopes (AFM) to meet your unique research needs. Agilent's highly configurable instruments allow you to expand the system's capabilities as your needs occur. Agilent's industry-leading environmental/ temperature systems and fluid handling enables superior liquid and soft materials imaging. Applications include material science, electrochemistry, polymer and life-science applications.

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