Angstrom Sciences, Inc.

40 South Linden Street
PA, 15110
United States
PH: 1 (412) 469 8466
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Primary Activity

Component Supplier

Company Background

Angstrom Sciences was founded in 1988 by Mark A. Bernick with a corporate mission to supply the most advanced magnetron sputtering cathodes and high purity materials for plasma vapor deposition of high quality and cost efficient thin films. The company gained a foothold in the industry by specializing in the design of unique circular magnetron cluster geometries for superconductivity research.

Client enthusiasm and market demand consequently led to the implementation of a full line of circular, linear, planar rotary, and cylindrical magnetrons. Angstrom Sciences now serves a worldwide clientele of major production companies in a vast array of industries, including aerospace and defense, architectural glass, automotive components, data storage, decorative thin film, display, electronics/microelectronics, energy, lighting, medical, security, and wear coatings.

The company hold patents for the use of profiled magnets within its arrays, threaded target clamping on its circular magnetrons, turbulent cooling, as well as for its planar rotary and cylindrical magnetron designs. Angstrom Sciences is a privately held company of more than 30 employees based out of Duquesne, PA.

Number of Employees