CILAS - Lasers and Laser Particle Sizing

CILAS - Lasers and Laser Particle Sizing
8 avenue Buffon
BP6319, 45063
PH: +33 (2 38) 64 59 12
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Primary Activity

Component Supplier

Company Background

Defence and security - CILAS works in eye-safe laser rangefinding, laser designation, optics and biological/chemical detection, sources of laser countermeasures, active imagery and landing aids.

CEA programs -For the Megajoules laser, CILAS, based on its expertise in optomechanics, has designed and is manufacturing the laser amplifiers and has designed the mirrors.

Particle-size analysis - CILAS, which invented the particle-size analyser, offers a vast range of particle-size analysers for accurately weighing powders.

Deformable mirrors - CILAS has a command of this key element of adaptive optics.

Optical coatings - CILAS is an international leader in the treatment of industrial or scientific optical surfaces.

Optical ceramics - CILAS develops transparent ceramics that may be used as high quality optical components, using modern synthesis techniques.

Nanotechnology - CILAS coordinates the European project Saphir for the safe, integrated and controlled production of nanostructured products.

Sales Contact

Mr Pierre Gautier-Picard
Marketing Manager