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Company Background

The development division Electrovac Nanofibers (ENF) was created for the production and subsequent processing of carbon nanofibers (CNF, nanoscaled graphite structures). Among others, the physical properties of carbon are utilized to improve the properties of compound materials, such as in masterbatches filled with CNF or in epoxy resins. In addition to already existing, CNF-reinforced Electrovac products, they can also be applied to enhance existing materials. Due to the wide range of possible uses of CNF utilization, solutions are of interest to various industry sectors, such as the automotive industry, the sports equipment industry, and the aviation industry.

Carbon nanofibers are produced in the CCVD (Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition) process. This process enables cost-efficient production of industry-scale volumes for our customers.

Electrovac is Austria’s sole producer of carbon nanofibers (CNF) and holds relevant patents for the production of such nanofibers (filiform graphite tubes with a diameter of a few nanometers: 1nm = one millionth of a millimeter).