C-17, Phase 6, Adityapur Industrial Area,
Jamshedpur, 832 108
PH: +91 (657) 6572337
Fax: +91 (657) 2304688
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Company Background

AUTO FIBRE CRAFT (AFC) is an ISO/TS 16949:2002 and ISO 9001:2000 certified company based in Jamshedpur, INDIA manufacturing FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) (or Fibre Glass) products and Rotomolded plastic products for the automobile industry. It has been in this business since last 25 years.

With the right mixture of professionalism, dynamism and experience, a seasoned team of professionals leads AFC. With successful client relationships under its belt, the AFC team is forging ahead manufacturing different FRP and plastic components for the automobile industry. Being a debt free company leverages its position with respect to its competitors by being more cost-effective to the customer.

We manufacture the following Nano Materials: (Click on any one of the following for details)

Commercial Production

  • Nano Silver Powder - APS 40 nm (Capacity - 100 Kg/month)
  • Nano Gold Powder
  • Liquid Gold - 10% Au and 12% Au
  • Nano Silver Powder - APS 40 nm (polymer coated)
  • Silver Oxide [ Ag(I), Ag(II), Ag(III) and Ag(I,III) ]
  • TST ( Ag4O4 )
  • Silver Nitrate


  • Ferrite
  • Nano Silver Powder - APS < 10 nm
  • Nano Silver Powder Dispersion
  • Nano Silver/Palladium Powder
  • Nano Cobalt Powder
  • Nano Nickel Powder
  • Nano Palladium Powder
  • Nano Aluminium Powder
  • Nano Tungsten Carbide (WC)
  • WC / Co