MIT Center for Space Research

77 Massachusetts Avenue
MA, 02139
United States
PH: 0 (00) 00000
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Company Background

Founded in 1965, formerly the Center for Space Research (CSR), the MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research (MKI) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is an interdepartmental center that supports research in space science and engineering, astronomy and astrophysics. MKI plays a leading role in the design, construction and utilization of instruments placed aboard space vehicles launched by NASA or other agencies. The Institute's projects draw upon the interests and expertise of scientists and engineers from several MIT departments, thus affording a wide array of opportunities for both students and faculty. Experimental programs are supplemented by closely related programs of ground-based research, by theoretical investigations, and by laboratory development of instrumentation for space-based and ground-based experiments. MKI is located at 70 Vassar St. in the building named after the MIT Ph.D. graduate and NASA astronaut Ronald McNair.