SACHEM Europe B.V.

Van Voordenpark 15
5301 KP
PH: +31 (418) 682 000
Fax: +31 (418) 682 082
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Company Background

SACHEM has become a world leader in key markets such as electronics, biotechnology, starch modification, polymers, catalysts, pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals. We have achieved this by delivering highly pure, precise and innovative chemical solutions designed to solve our customer's most demanding applications.

SACHEM is recognized for innovation, technical expertise, revolutionary service and an unwavering commitment to safety and the environment. To provide seamless service, responsiveness and support, SACHEM is organized around regional business units for the Americas, Europe and Asia. SACHEM’s expanding manufacturing operations includes facilities in North America, Europe and Asia and a global service network spanning over 30 countries. Our organization enables worldwide delivery of innovative and customized chemical solutions backed by superior customer service.