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Edificio FEUGA C/ Lope Gómez de Marzoa s/n,
Santiago de Compostela
PH: +34 (98) 1523897
Fax: +34 (98) 1543897
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Company Background

Nanogap is a spin-off from the USC group 'Nanomag', with more than 250 publications.

This cutting edge nanoscience leads to our nanotechnology, wich includes a novel technology to produce subnanoparticles(AQCs)

Physics and Chemistry Professors and Doctors in several matters conform our scientific advisory board. Thanks to them and to our collaboration with the Nanomag Research Group, Nanogap offers customized solutions not only in nanoparticle production but also services and related R+D.

Our expertise in nanoparticle production and the reproducibility attained with our production methods is a guarantee to all of our customers

Investigation and Consultant:
Nanogap not only produces novel and unique nanoparticles (AQCs), but also offers continuous advice to our clients on the specific uses and applications of any of our products, contributing to an added value of the products.

The final applications and the step between nano- and macroscopic world is our goal. This is the reason for providing 'a la carte' functionalizations to our metallic and magnetic nanoparticles

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