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6614 Lincoln Ave
NY, 14094
United States
PH: +1 (716) 201 1115
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Company Background

Eastern Applied XRF provides both new and used XRF analyzers for a variety of testing needs. We also offer full service and support for all models of X-ray Fluorescence.

New instruments include offerings from Seiko Nanotechnology; a leader in hazardous substance detection (RoHS) and coating thickness measurements among others. Used XRF's include options from all major manufacturers for a wide range of testing needs.

XRF Service includes on-site certification, repair, training and consultation through a North American team of factory trained technicians. Additional support is available through our accredited XRF Calibration Standards Laboratory; which manufactures all makes of XRF Standards that are NIST Traceable and certifies all makes of standards also.

Please contact Eastern Applied XRF for your XRF related needs.