X-Ray Optical Systems, Inc.

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NY, 12061
United States
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Company Background

XOS® has been a leading global provider of advanced X-ray optics for material analysis systems since the optics’ commercial introduction in the mid-1990s. The systems are important for essentially all industries that use materials — from cement to semiconductor to pharmaceutical to petroleum — measuring aspects such as semiconductor film thickness, stress in turbine blades, groundwater contamination, and contaminant levels.

Advanced X-ray optics can often increase the sensitivity of the measurements by more than a factor of 100, while decreasing the measurement time, increasing spatial resolution, and decreasing the size and cost of the equipment.

XOS has established its national and international presence by partnering with well-established manufacturers; and also through established distribution partners who are the most experienced and respected in the relevant markets. Using this strategy, XOS has penetrated the most important international markets, and the most respected companies in Europe and Asia, to become a dominant supplier of this technology in the world.