Ambrell Precision Induction Heating

Ambrell Precision Induction Heating
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Primary Activity

Induction Heating Equipment

Company Background

Precision induction heating solutions are our specialty. We manufacture high and low power systems for a wealth of specialized applications, including nanoparticle heating.

Our approach is to listen to your unique needs and concerns. Then, we will invite you to send samples of your parts to our Applications Lab for a complimentary evaluation and system recommendation. Benefit from the advice of experienced applications engineers who have worked with parts of virtually any size and shape. Let us show you the Ambrell difference!

With a reputation for quality built on our 25 years' experience, the Ambrell companies – with offices around the world - provide you with effective precision heating solutions. Our equipment, installed in over 50 countries, is supported by our network of dedicated induction heating experts. Ambrell engineers hold over 25 technological patents and a significant percentage of revenue is reinvested into research and development to ensure you’re getting state-of-the-art solutions.

If you want to improve your heating - anywhere in your process - consult with the Ambrell team for cost-effective, high-efficiency solutions.