Parabon NanoLabs

11260 Roger Bacon Dr., Suite 406
VA, 20190
United States
PH: +1 (703) 689-9689
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Company Background

Parabon NanoLabs designs and develops a new class of therapeutics and other products made possible by proprietary technology for precisely directing the self-assembly of designer macromolecules that are functionalized with molecular subcomponents (e.g., enzymes, metals or pharmaceuticals). Our nanoscale development platform gives our scientists the ability to design and construct multi-functional macromolecules from simpler subcomponents, replacing the current paradigm of "molecular discovery" with that of "molecular design."

Parabon NanoLabs is currently designing macromolecules for use in the areas of cancer therapeutics, nano-scale sensors for bioweapons defense, and nanoarrays for rapid readouts of DNA.