Cellix Ltd

Institute of Molecular Medicine, Trinity Centre for Health Sciences
James's Street
Dublin, 8
PH: 353 (1) 896 2799
Fax: 353 (1) 896 2771
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Company Background

By operating under continuous blood flow conditions, the Cellix platform simulates the human environment providing researchers with powerful data far beyond that available via static conditions of the petri dish before advancing to costly animal trials. By using our solution, false leads can be eliminated earlier in the process, increasing the success rate of clinical trials and giving you the competitive edge.

Our solution is unique and contains everything a researcher requires to execute continuous flow cell based assays and make informed decisions. The only fully integrated end-to-end Microfluidics system on the market, the Cellix solution includes the platform, biochips and cell analysis software. We have recently expanded our product line by launching two new biochips.