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Denton Vacuum

1259 North Church St. Bldg 3
NJ, 08057
United States
PH: 1 (856) 439-9100
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Company Background

Since 1964 Denton Vacuum, LLC has designed and manufactured cutting edge thin film deposition systems for R&D and manufacturing. Proprietary systems, developed to customer specifications, and standard thin film systems are available. Several standard turnkey batch systems are available to fit any budget from research and development to manufacturing. We also offer fully automated modular in-line systems tailored to meet the specific needs of high volume manufacturing processes. Modularity allows for low cost upgrades in technology and enables rapid ramp up as volume increases. Our deposition technologies include PVD, PECVD, Magnetron Sputtering, Electron Beam Deposition, Ion Beam Enhanced Deposition, Ion Assisted Deposition, Plasma Sterilization, Reactive / Thermal Deposition, Sputtering and Reactive Ion Etching.

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