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Evex Inc.
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United States
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Company Background

Evex Analytical Instruments Inc. is the premier manufacturer of scientific instrumentation for electron microscopy and nanotechnolgy.  Established in Princeton, NJ in 1993, Evex pioneered the field of X-Ray NanoAnalysis by introducing the first PC-based spectral acquisition and digital imaging system for electron microscopy.

While maintaining the reputation of leaders in the field of energy dispersive spectrometry, Evex began development on a more compact version of the scanning electron microscope.  With the introduction of the Mini-SEM, Evex was able to maintain much of the power of a traditional SEM in a more cost-effective and very compact unit.

Since then, Evex has continued its development on the Mini-SEM and X-Ray NanoAnalysis, in constant pursuit of the perfect analytical tools.  Now more powerful, expandable, and customizable, the Mini-SEM has become a fixture in analytical and R&D labs, colleges and universities, biotech companies, and manufacturers in all industries all over the world.