Alicona Imaging GmbH

Alicona Imaging GmbH
Dr.-Auner-Stra├če 21a
8074 Raaba/Graz
PH: +43 (316) 403010 700
Fax: +43 (316) 403010 711
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Primary Activity

High resolution optical measurement solutions in research and production.

Company Background

Alicona are a global supplier of optical 3D surface measurement solutions for quality assurance in the lab and in production. Their key competence is the measurement of form and roughness of even complex, miniaturized geometries.

With Focus-Variation, Alicona’s key technology, they offer a technique that combines the functionalities of a micro coordinate measurement machine (CMM) with those of a surface measurement system. For a user, this means to measure both form and roughness of components on an areal basis. The stable and robust technology of Focus-Variation delivers repeatable and traceable measurements even in a production near environment.

Alicona’s product range includes a number of standard as well as special solutions. Research and Development acts very close to the direct need of industry, which enables Alicona to design both standard products as well as special solutions based on industrial partnerships.

The Alicona headquarters is situated in Austria. Additional subsidiaries are run in Germany, France, UK, USA and South Korea, and further expansion is continued. A global network of selected distributors make Alicona products worldwide available.