Boron Molecular

Boron Molecular
PO Box 12592, Research Triangle
North Carolina
United States
PH: +1 (919) 981 4441
Fax: +1 (919) 981 4442
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Company Background

Established in 2001, Boron Molecular is a leading specialist chemical manufacturer. The company was formed around a suite of boronic acid patents (both process and composition of matter), originally developed by the CSIRO.

In 2004, Boron Molecular established a fully integrated operation in North Carolina, USA to compliment its research, development and manufacturing facilities in Melbourne, Australia.

Boron Molecular's combined experience and expertise exceeds 30 years in chemical manufacturing, 10 years in coupling chemistry and 5 years in ISO and API/cGMP compliance.

Boron Molecular offers boronic acids in several forms, including boronic acid esters, trifluoroborates in addition to the free acids. Esters of boronic acids can be used advantageously depending on the application and, in some situations, are superior and crucial to the success of the synthesis or purification of compounds.