Sympatec GmbH

Sympatec GmbH
At Powder House 1
Lower Saxony, D-38678
PH: +49 (5323) 717 0
Fax: +49 (5323) 717 229
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Company Background

In 1984, Sympatec has been established as a spin-off from the Technical University of Clausthal, using Swiss capital. Since its foundation, the company has endeavoured to achieve and maintain a leading competitive position in the market by developing innovative products using the best expertise available. With regard to particle technology, Sympatec employs renowned experts with specific know how and experience.

After successful completion of the initial product development for the dry analysis of particle size distributions with laser diffraction spectrometry (HELOS & RODOS) through new developments, many of which have been recognised as milestones by the scientific community, a range of instruments of modular design has been realised. Specifically, Sympatec has clearly defined and pioneered the development of instruments to match the numerous disperse products and processes and the specific demands of the markets.