Optocon AG

Optocon AG
Pohlandstra├če 17
PH: +49 ((0)351) 310 1957
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Company Background

Optocon AG develops fiber optic temperature sensors and fiber optic signal conditioners for temperature measurement since 1993. Due our 20 years’ experience, we can offer proved and dynamic solutions for fiber optic temperature measurement.

Our business areas are:

  • Development and sales of fiber optic sensors and signal conditioners for temperature measurements in electromagnetically strongly influenced environment, in microwave fields, power plants or explosion- proof areas and wherever measurement with electrical temperature sensors is not possible
  • Handling and solving customer-specific optical technical problems
  • Development, production, sales and optimization of fiber optic measurement techniques including a flexible software environment
  • Besides accuracy, the advantages of fiber optic are: high precision, intrinsically safe, minimally invasive (nano technology) as well as immunity to radio frequencies, electromagnetic interferences and microwave radiation.