Nanum Nanotechnologica

LMG Highway 800, Km 01
No. 128/Industrial District Genesco Aparecido de
Oliveira-Lagoa Santa, 33.400-000
PH: 55 (31) 31 3488 1595
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Primary Activity


Company Background

Founded by masters and students from UFMG-Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais and supported by mining companies, NANUM began its work in 2003 as a small service Company. In June 2008 became NANUM Nanotechnology SA, a member of the Incubator Habitat, managed by the Foundation Biominas. Today, NANUM has as a major shareholder, Clamper Indústria e Comércio SA that enters the Nano market in a solid and strategic way.

NANUM ® is focused on the production of Nanoscale metal oxides. They are pioneers in Latin America in the production and marketing of post nanostructured-ceramics and mastery of various techniques for production os these powders and dispersion in various media thus transforming them into new products with high value.