Bigneat Ltd

Bigneat Ltd
4 & 5 Piper's Wood Industrial Park, Waterberry Drive
Hampshire, PO7 7XU
United Kingdom
PH: +44 ((0)23) 92 266400
Fax: +44 ((0)23) 92 263373
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Company Background

Bigneat has established itself as a world-class manufacturer and leading global provider of clean air and hazard containment systems to scientific laboratories and industries. 
Applications for Bigneat products cover operator and process/sample protection during laboratory experimentation, batch and on-line production processes. 
Bigneat’s business strength is based on a capability and expertise built up over many years of designing and manufacturing high performance air movement systems utilising Carbon and HEPA filtration technology for capture and removal of airborne hazards such as fume and particulate. 
As an original equipment manufacturer, Bigneat also develops and manufactures equipment that is distributed by third-party companies.