Scitech Pty Ltd

Unit 4, 72-74 Chifley Drive
Victoria, 3072
PH: +61 (3) 9480 4999
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Company Background

Scitech offers data acquisition and scientific imaging capabilities to clients, as well as training and product evaluation services. Products include:

  • InstruNet – direct to sensor, low cost data acquisition systems
  • Microstar Laboratories – for networked data acquisition , control and digital signal processing
  • DASYlab – data acquisition and control software
  • Addi-data – embedded platform over plug-in PC boards for the PCI, Compact PCI or ISA bus up to measurement and controlling software
  • Measurement computing
  • High resolution and high sensitivity digital, line scan and video cameras
  • Quantitative and qualitative image capture and analysis software
  • Gauging software
  • High magnification lenses and microscopes
  • Laboratory instrumentation – plate readers and plate washers
  • Gel documentation and analysis systems and software.


Digital Iaging, Image Capture/Analysis, Machine Vision, Data Acquisition