Very Small Particle Company Pty Ltd (VSPC)

31 Westgate St
Queensland, 4074
PH: +61 (7) 3879 4777
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Company Background

VSPC has developed a new metal oxide manufacturing process which is the subject of worldwide patent applications. The process delivers a substantial competitive edge over existing processes.

VSPC is positioning itself as a premier niche chemical manufacturer for the chemical and high technology industries. VSPC’s process is highly generic and has been proven for compounds used in a wide range of applications, such as: solid oxide fuel cells, high temperature superconductors, vehicle emission control, batteries and fluorescent materials.

In 2004 VSPC completed the commissioning of its production facility and has commenced production of complex metal oxides with agglomerated nanoscale grains, with capacity to produce 60 metric tonnes of material in a year. The company has entered into numerous partnership arrangements with commercial organisations.


Nano-particles, Coatings

Sales Contact

Dr Jose A Alarco