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Company Background

Applied NanoFluorescence, LLC constructs and sells state-of-the-art optical instruments to detect, quantify, and characterize carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in bulk samples. The NS1 NanoSpectralyzer® is a unique automated spectrofluorometer, designed to perform SWCNT analysis through near-IR fluorescence and near-IR absorption. It is a highly sensitive and sophisticated analyzer for semiconducting SWCNTs and is currently being used in numerous laboratories around the world. Our latest offering, the NS2 NanoSpectralyzer® is the world’s first three-in-one CNT spectrometer, measuring NIR fluorescence, NIR absorption and Raman spectra. The NS2 provides all of the NS1’s capabilities for analyzing SWCNT samples, plus it performs Raman spectroscopy for all types of CNTs, including single-walled, multi-walled, aggregated, larger diameter, and chemically altered tubes. Both models automatically measure spectra with a single placement of the sample cuvette, and both retain a small, benchtop footprint.