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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

ABI Research was founded in 1990 to assist manufacturers of wireless semiconductor components in understanding and entering new markets. As tech-driven emerging markets proliferated during the 90's, ABI Research expanded its analytical coverage to a broader base of manufacturers and service companies participating in the technology market revolution.

More than 500 industry-leading organizations every year rely on the strategic insights our analysts provide. Their opinions appear in the major media sources of the world and in hundreds of industry-specific trade publications both online and in print.

ABI Research is committed to reinvestment in research infrastructure, enhancing knowledge sharing and speeding the flow of information between our research teams and the industries we cover. This strategy continuously improves the value of our relational database initiatives, gleaning research efficiencies in our core quantifiable data while increasing the strength of our key research groups. The result: meaningful and substantive research for our clients.