Accumold Corp.

1711 S.E. Oralabor Road
IA, 50021
United States
PH: 1 (515) 964 5741
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Accumold began in a rented garage in 1985. Our primary focus was and still is on very small micro sized parts that other companies can't produce. Our original custom designed Micro-MolderĀ® was designed to help manufacture parts with minimal waste and short cycle times for a electronic component manufacturer. Although there have been many improvements over the years the basic design has remained the same.

Today the company now focuses on industries that require fast turn around and complex parts for high tech industries such as Micro Electronics, Automotive, Fiber Optics, Medical, and Military, as well as emerging markets and technologies

Micro-MoldĀ® Parts

Micro-Molding is the essence of what we do at Accumold. It is where we began as a company and it remains at the heart of our operation today.

Our Micro-Molded parts range from about about 1/2 inch in size to parts measured in microns. These components often have complex geometry and very tight tolerances.