Advanced Optical Technologies

18 Repton Court
Essex, SS13 1LN
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (1268) 272211
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Advanced Optical Technology (AOT), was set-up in 1999 by Drs John Ley and Clive Ireland to undertake feasibility studies, contracted projects and product developments in new areas of photonics. Of particular interest are new concept diode pumped solid state lasers (SSLs) and applications where precision optics and photonics are likely to be key enabling technologies.

The company is initially focusing on exploiting novel applications of high speed E-O devices in diode pumped SSLs. Early development effort has resulted in very compact and efficient high repetition rate Q-switched lasers capable of generating TEMoo pulses of ~1ns duration. Additional new proprietary technology being implemented by the company provides straightforward scaling of this ACETM laser design. It allows products operating reliably and efficiently at least into the several Watts average power and 100s of kW peak power range.

John Ley is also the founder of Leysop Ltd a manufacturer of optical and electro-optic components and subsystems, and Clive Ireland has been in senior roles and a consultant to the laser industry for many years. Both AOT founders have more than 25yrs experience in the laser and optics industry.