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Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Biolog, Inc. is a privately held company that began operations in 1984. The company's product lines have been built upon patented technology that greatly simplifies testing of cells. Biolog's first products were introduced in 1988 and by 1990 it had established a profitable growing business in microbiology for the identification and characterization of microbial cells. In 1991, Biolog, Inc. was a recipient of the "R&D 100 Award" for the company's groundbreaking bacterial identification products. These products, marketed under the MicroLog™, MicroStation™ and OmniLog® brand names, are sold worldwide through direct sales as well as distribution. The principal customers of our microbiology identification products are laboratories needing state-of-the-art capabilities, especially pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetics, and medical device companies, university and government research laboratories, labs testing for diseases of humans, animals and plants, labs performing environmental monitoring, and companies or organizations involved in production or testing of food and drink.

From this technology base in 1999 and with an SBIR award from the National Institutes for Health Human Genome Research Institute, Biolog began development of its revolutionary Phenotype MicroArray™ technology. This groundbreaking technology allows researchers to evaluate thousands of cellular phenotypes simultaneously in both microbial and mammalian cells. Development of array sets testing 2,000 phenotypes of microbial cells was completed and first introduced in September 2001. Now Phenotype MicroArray technology is being tested under license in many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for use in drug and enzyme development programs. Biolog continues to develop and patent unique and proprietary technologies that allow scientists to broadly characterize cellular functions using arrays of phenotypic tests.