Coherix Corp.

3980 Ranchero
Dr. Ann Arbor
MI, 48108
United States
PH: 1 (734) 761 8989
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

It’s no secret that manufacturers worldwide are under tremendous competitive pressure to improve product performance while reducing costs. And performance and cost are closely associated with dimensional variation. Whether in automobile engines or semiconductor chips, parts that are out of tolerance perform poorly and fail early.

One big hurdle to further improvement is measurement, because competition has driven tolerances down to the point where traditional measurement devices are no longer adequate to the task.

The solutions have been quietly developed and tested for more than ten years. Coherix’s digital holography, spun out of The University of Michigan, has been refined in labs and plants of many of the leading automotive manufacturers and OEMs. Meanwhile, our I-Cite software-based vision inspection systems have been at the heart of handling equipment in the back-end semiconductor industry and other industries.

In 2003, the key members of the team that founded Perceptron and took it public got behind Coherix’s now-proven innovations, and is dramatically improving the way precision parts are measured and manufactured.