Glycominds Ltd.

1 Yodfat St.,
Alon Building
Global Park, Lod, 71291
PH: 972 (8) 9181080
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Glycominds Ltd. holds extent knowledge and experience in the field of glycomics, utilized for the discovery and development of unique biomarkers which enable high-value diagnostics. Glycominds is engaged in the development and marketing of novel diagnostic products which allow physicians to predict disease progression and to decide on therapy regimen.

Our leading products are the IBDX™ panel, a series of simple blood tests for Inflammatory Bowel Disease diagnostics and Crohn's disease severity prediction assisting physicians in early and quick diagnosis and in fitting the appropriate course of treatment for CD patients, and the gMS™ a blood test for the prediction of patients with clinical isolated syndrome suggestive of MS converted to clinically diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis within 24 months after onset. This powerful test will enable physicians to take post-CIS treatment decisions.