Materials and Processes for Micro and Nano Technol

Materials and Microsystems Laboratory
Palazzo Einaudi - Politecnico di Torino Via Lungo Piazza d'Armi 6
Chivasso, (TORINO)
PH: 39 (011) 9114899
Fax: 39 (011) 9114899
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Company Background

The Group has a well established experience in the growth, characterization and processes of semiconductors and insulating materials. In the last period, noticeable know-how was gained concerning with technological processes devoted to micro and nanostructures with several application such as MEMS, photonics and biological issues dealing with genomics and proteomics (through the coordination of the Project LATEMAR).

The research activities are done in collaboration with several Industrial Partners and National Academic Laboratories.

The group facilities are located in the Physics Department of Polythecnic of Torino buildings (mainly characterization tools) and in the Materials and Microsystems Laboratory of Chivasso (TO)(for the process and the growth tools). Facilities located at the Chilab-Materials and Microsystem Laboratory of Chivasso(TO)

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Mr Matteo Cocuzza
Researcher & Technology Transfer