Ambient Pressure XPS (ESCA) System from Prevac

Prevac offers Ambient Pressure XPS (ESCA) system, a new dedicated system developed for ambient pressure 1mbar – 10-10 mbar XPS (ESCA)/UPS experiments with controllable sample temperature ranging from 100K to 850K in analysis chamber.

The Ambient Pressure XPS (ESCA) system comes with full PLC protection and software control including data acquisition and control of all integrated devices, supplies and supplementary equipment. The systems also features a sample park chamber, which allows storage of up to 5 sample holders, and a gas dosing system with heating and thermal stabilisation ability.

Key Features

The main features of the Ambient Pressure XPS (ESCA) System are:

  • Ambient pressure chamber 1mbar – 10-10 mbar
  • Fitted with VG Scienta R3000 HP analyser
  • Differentially pumped UV source
  • Differentially pumped double anode X-ray source
  • Differentially pumped X-ray monochromator
  • Four pumping stages for main chamber and analyser
  • Laser and resistive heating of sample holder
  • Integral halogen bakeout of analytical chamber
  • Sample preparation chamber
  • Wide range of sample temperature (100K - 2200K)
  • High pressure reactor - up to 20 bar, 650°C
  • Intro with preliminary heating
  • TDS sample measurement during XPS (ESCA)/UPS in ambient pressure

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