Magnetron Power Supply: M600DC-PS

PREVAC’S M600DC-PS is a compact switch-mode power supply specifically designed to drive magnetron sources.

The large TFT touchscreen display shows all adjustable parameters. Users can manually adjust all the settings, but these can also be stored and recalled automatically once the unit is switched on.

In addition, the unit has a built-in timer and automatic standby mode. It is completely interlocked to ensure the safety of both the user and the device. The unit can be remotely controlled through one of the available digital or analog interfaces.




  • Switch mode for three magnetron sources with shutters control
  • Power can be easily extended up to 1200 W/1800 and W/2400 W with extra modules
  • Individually programmable multiple I/O
  • Modifiable limits of power, current, and voltage separately for each output
  • 2D real-time chart module
  • Arc detection system

Support for:

  • Vacuum measurements
  • Mass flow controller
  • Thickness and evaporation rate measurements

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