Magnetron Source for Thin Layers with High Homogeneity: MS2 63C1

The MS2 63C1 Magnetron Source available from PREVAC can be used to apply highly homogenous thin layers in the sputtering process.

The MS2 63C1 Magnetron Source is compatible with UHV conditions. With  the integrated in-situ tilt system, it can be utilized in standard as well as custom geometry chambers.  The dome-type design also minimizes the space required to open the shutter.

The MS2 63C1 Magnetron Source can be easily used with PREVAC’S M600DC-PS power supply and all other commercially available RF, DC, and pulsed DC power supplies.


  • Pneumatic dome-type shutter
  • In situ tilt range: +45° ÷ 10°
  • Mounting flange: DN 63 CF
  • Chimney as standard


  • Indirectly cooled
  • Diameter: 2″
  • Thickness (magnetic): Fe 1 mm, Ni 2 mm, and Co 2–3 mm
  • Thickness (non-magnetic): 1 to 6 mm


  • Z manipulator
  • Mass flow controller (MKS MF1)

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